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Valérie Angeon

Senior scientist, INRA–Unité de Recherches Zootechniques (UR 143)
Research fellow at the Unité Ecodéveloppement (INRA Avignon)

My research work addresses three topics: (1) the production of vulnerability and resilience indices, (2) the elaboration of participatory methods and tools for the co-conception of innovations in non-conventional farming systems, and (3) the modeling of viable agroecosystems. I produce scientific results for action and development.

Keywords: vulnerability-resilience; viability; adaptive governance; innovations; agroecological transition; participatory approach

Samuel Bates

Associate Professor, Université Paris-Dauphine, PSL Research University

After a PhD in 2006 (2007 Thesis prize in Monetary and Banking Economics from the Banque de France Research Foundation), I joined Paris-Dauphine University Economic Research Centre (LEDa) in 2007. My interdisciplinary research is focused on the vulnerability, resilience and viability of economic or social-ecological systems. My research work articulates with ecological economics, development economics, and monetary economics.

Keywords: vulnerability-resilience; sustainability; social-ecological systems; sustainable development; monetary stability; composite index

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